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Since December of 2022, Fierce has been creating impactful events for the queer and kink friendly furry community. But Fierce is more than just an event. We offer a supportive, safe, and welcoming environment for people to express themselves however they feel comfortable. Furthermore, we are more than just dance parties and events, we are a movement spreading across the GTA and beyond, creating experiences that will last.


250+ Guests

Most of our events sell out, and that's a good thing!! Our largest event to date was over 400 guests.

$3-5k in Bar Sales

Furries love to drink, and over the years we've learned that they're also handsome tippers too.

Large Online Presence

We have over 2000 social media followers, plus this website gets, on average, 300 visits per month!!

Interested in working with us?

Contact Corey at

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